2021 December 22,23
Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

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Executive Knowledge Line jointly with Machine Maker is organizing the Kisan Expo 2021 in connection with the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav -an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture, and achievements. Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav embodies all that is progressive about India’s socio-cultural, political, and economic identity. The official “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” journey commences on 12th March 2021, which starts a 75-week countdown to our 75th anniversary of Independence and will end post a year on 15th August 2023. The National Farmers Day is also known as Kisan Diwas is celebrated on 23d December, every year on the birthday of the 5 th Prime Minister of India Sri Chowdhary Charan Singh who’s also a farmers’ leader. As a part of this great occasion, a Kisan Expo will be organized from December 22nd to 23th of this year in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Kisan Expo is an Exhibition on Agriculture, Farm Tourism, Dairy and Poultry Industry. Seminars, Product Launches, Presentations, and Discussions on various topics able be conducted during the event. Agriculture is the largest sector in India with 60% population of the nation still having it as the main source of income. In the last few years, It has been a focus sector for the government of India as well as other Indian states and Union Territories. It might seem odd that there are not many days dedicated to farming. However, most of our major holidays and festivals can be traced back to farming, such as the rebirth of spring and the harvest period in the fall which tells the significance of agriculture and farming. We are trying to connect farming with tourism opportunities.

A Seminar on 'Agro tourism scope and opportunities for the farmers also to be organized on 23 rd of December 2021.

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Trivandrum Chamber of Commerce and Industries(TCCI), South Kerala Hoteliers Forum, CISSA - Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action, and other leading organizations in the Agro-Tourism industry are associating with the event.


METRO MEDIA – THE GROUP Metro Mart group’s diversity spans a broad spectrum of media and event associations. And in each of them, the group has excelled with a unique approach to provide outstanding functionality and remarkable output to a range of businesses and sectors such as Educational, Governmental, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Publications, Technology, Travel, Tourism, etc. The group’s capabilities are such that its intervention has given the much-needed impetus to several enterprises internationally.


Stall Booking Charges
Dec 22nd &23rd
2 X 2 Sq M


Dec 22nd &23rd
4 x 2 Sq M



Dec 22:
10.30 AM -06.30 PM
Dec 23:
10.30 AM -06.30 PM

Standard Facilities

· Floored Carpet.
· Fabricated Stall.
· Exhibitors' Name on Facia.
· One Table
· Two chairs.
· Spot Light.
· One 5 Amp. Plug Socket.
· One Dustbin.

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DAIRY Dairy Technology & Equipment, Dairy Products Manufacturers, Livestock Technology, Ghee Making Machines, Dairy Mixer Machines, Feeders,Feed Manufacturing Machinery, Feed Storage System, Feeds, Feeding & Feed Additives, Milk Storage Tanks, Butter Machines, Cheese Machines, Cone Machines, Veterinary Products, Cattle Feed Plant, Cooling, Fermentation & Freezing System, Animal Health Products, Cold Chain, Cold Storage, Refrigerated Van, Cattle Feed, Cattle feed Mixing Plant


Agriculture Machinery, Farm Machinery, Combine Harvester, Submersible Pumps, Agriculture Pumps, Agriculture Pipes, Sprayer Pumps, Automatic Sprayer Pumps, Tractor Mounted ,prayer, Fertilizers,Grain Cleaning Machine, Harambha Thresher, Maize Thresher, Power Tiller Blade, Agriculture Machinery Blades, Harvesting Machineries,Horticulture Machineries, Agriculture Gears, Agriculture Spare Parts, PVC Pipes, Vegetable Seeds, Agriculture Tractor, Wheat Thresher, Agriculture Tools,Agriculture Trolley, Agriculture Casting, Soil Cultivator, Chaff Cutter, Automatic Chaff Cutter,Fungicides,Rotary Tiller, Insecticides,Organic Seeds, Pesticides,Soil Conditioners,Diesel Generators, Tractor Mounted Generator, Agriculture Machinery, Oil & Grease


Air Cooler, Banking and Insurance, Farm Tourism, Solar Systems, Solar Drawers, Solar Batteries, Solar Lites, Health & Fitness Equipments


Poultry Feed, Organic Poultry, Animal Feed, Poultry Automatic Feeding System, Poultry Feeds Chemicals, Poultry Feed Supplements, Poultry Feed Mill, Poultry feed Mixing Plant, Poultry Kage Mesh


Agents & Distributors, Bankers, Educationist & Students, Farm Contractors, Farmers, Govt Authorities, Importers & Exporters, Trade industry & Trade Media, Investors & Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Scientists, Technologists, Transport & Logistic Experts, Dairy, Poultry & Livestock Farmers, Veterinary Practitioners.Agricultural Progressive Farmers, Dairy, Poultry And Livestock Farmers, Industrialist And Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealer, And Distributors, Agronomists And Expert ResearchersAgents, Contractors And Consultants, Government Authorities, Associations Heads, Farm Owners, Investors,Agriculture Universities, Importers & Exporters, Trade Industry & Trade Media, Investors & Entrepreneurs, Consultants,Scientists & Technologists, Transport &Logistic Experts, Veterinary Practitioners


Executive Knowledge Lines honors the achievements and shares the success stories of organizations, enterprises, institutions, and individuals that are actively involved in boosting agro growth and achieving milestones in the agriculture sector. Achievers will be recognized and awarded. Any entity in Agri Sector is eligible to apply for the awards. After receiving the nominations, from the short-listed categories an expert Jury will choose the final awardees.


To ensure maximum visitor attendance in KISAN Expo, we follow a marketing strategy that focuses on bringing the right decision-maker to our shows and maximizing footfall during the event. these activities include: SMS Campaigns, Whatsapp Campaigns, Social Media Promotions, , Inviting members of Trade Associations, Email invitations, Personal invitations, Associations Heads,Tele-marketings, Promotion,Show Listing on top industry portals, Web banners advertisement on industry portals, Magazine advertisements, Social Networking Website & FM Radio Network, PR Programs, etc



The group has SIX Trade magazines published from its stable. Our Clientele includes tour operators/travel consultants, educational institutions, libraries, hotels, resorts, restaurants, corporate houses, Agro Industries, Research Organizations, Industrial Establishments, MSME’s, Indian Consulates and Embassies, India Tourism offices within India and abroad, and Tourism officials of various states in India.


Executive Knowledge Lines, Machine Maker, HRA Today(Official Media of Hotels and Restaurant Association-Western India-HRAWI), SIHRA News(Official media South India Hotels and Restaurant Association-SIHRA), Metro Expedition(Travel and tourism Media), and Metro Mart(Official Media of Kerala Travel Mart



Benefits to the EXHIBITORS

The show offers open and free en­trance for every­body. Take this opportunity and show your products to a broader public(B2B and B2C). The exhibitors can launch /display their products during the show.

Number of Visitors expecting
+ 1500

Why Kerala

Kerala is a highly advanced society and scores high on human development indicators with the highest literacy rate, highest life expectancy, lowest population growth, and the highest ratio of females to males in India. Kerala is one of the most scenic and popular tourist destinations in India. It is also famous for its special ayurvedic therapies and its backwaters. Kerala also leads other states in Industrial development and per capita income. Kerala is a major exporter of coir, spices, marine products, cashew, coffee, and pickles. Two-thirds of the state's export income comes from the food processing industry.
With a coastline of nearly 590 km, Kerala has a major port at Kochi (with a cruise terminal) and 16 smaller ports along the coast. The state is very close to the global maritime trade route passing through the Indian Ocean region with Kochi International Container Trans-shipment Terminal (ICT) at Vallarpadam, which is India's first ICT. Kerala is the first state in India to have four international airports, namely in Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kannur.

Opportunities in KISAN Expo 2021

Exhibiting is your best opportunity to connect with the most influential and exclusive group of farmers, scientists, Agri professionals, and traders in the market. Reinforce and enhance the company’s positioning in the agroindustry globally. Benefits include franchising, dealer development, networking, and brand promotions.

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