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Dive into a world of wisdom

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‘Executive Knowledge Lines’ (EKL) magazine published from Trivandrum has been able to establish an identity of our own among the knowledge based magazines published from Kerala. Many prominent personalities have been continuously contributing their articles to this magazine which is widely read by elite readers…..


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Excicutive Knowledge Lines has been a game-changer for my child’s education. The engaging content, thoughtfully designed activities, and educational games have made learning a joy for my little one. As a parent, I appreciate the magazine’s commitment to providing quality educational materials that stimulate curiosity and creativity.


Sarah J


In my years of teaching, Excicutive Knowledge Lines has proven to be an invaluable resource in the classroom. The magazine’s carefully curated content aligns seamlessly with our curriculum, making it an effective supplementary tool for enhancing learning. The visually appealing layout and interactive elements capture the attention of students, fostering a love for knowledge.

Leena nair

Leena Nair


Excicutive Knowledge Lines has impressed me with its thoughtful approach to child development. The magazine seamlessly integrates educational content with a focus on cognitive and emotional growth. It strikes the right balance between fun and learning, providing children with a holistic educational experience that contributes positively to their overall development.

Dr. Thompson

Dr. Thompson

Child Psychologist

look forward to receiving Excicutive Knowledge Lines every month! It’s like a magical journey into the world of learning. The stories are interesting, the puzzles are fun, and I’ve learned so many cool facts. It doesn’t feel like studying at all – it feels like an adventure!

Emily L

Emily L



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